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"Change" is the year of the window
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      From the world economy operation environment to China of the mode of economic development and change, is occurring. This, from 2011 years of mechanical industry operation, we obtain a very full embodiment.
      Moderate growth rate dropped
      Since 2011, the machinery industry related hydraulic jacks statistical data show that, although 1 ~ 10 months still keep a more than 25% of the production and sales growth, but compared to last year, fell back at about 8%, and the monthly rate of decline in the month after month. Annual growth of their situation is already taking shape mild.
      According to the China machinery industry federation, 2011 1 ~ 10 months, machinery industry the industry complete industrial output value 13.64658 trillion yuan, up by 25.93%; Realize industrial sales value of 13.315568 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.59%.
From the machinery industry thirteen children industry situation, since this year of production and marketing situation than common last year. 2011 1 ~ 10 months, various sectors of industry sales value common to slide. Although agricultural machinery, petrochemical general, heavy mining, food packaging machinery industry and a small increase year-on-year growth present situation, but other son of year-on-year growth industry are come air jack  down the situation. Among them, the automotive industry, cultural office supplies machinery industry fell to a larger extent, respectively year-on-year growth rate to 15.82% and 11.68%.
      At the same time, mechanical industry slumping production main products. In October 120 the main products of the statistics, the accumulative total year-on-year growth for 105 of the product, the variety of products of all reported 87.50%; Double-digit growth in the products have 77 species, which account for 64.17% of the products completely reports; 15 of the output to reduce product last year, accounting for 12.50% of the products report.
      Farm machinery industry: to October large tractor, hydraulic bottle jack small tractors, harvest post-processing machinery, agricultural machinery and vegerable cotton machinery production growth has different rate dropped that month, yield decreased by more than 1.4% year-on-year, especially the agricultural machinery that month vegerable 78.23% year-on-year drop. Grain harvest machinery, corn harvest machinery and feed production special equipment for production and marketing two popular that month, and total up all increase more than 35%.
      Construction machinery industry: 1 ~ 10 months excavator, loader and compaction machine production growth are a large drop, and last month were dropped 5.9, 0.74 than 1.17% and, especially compaction machine 25.30% year-on-year drop. Only concrete machinery to keep steadily, and growth than last month increased by 0.13%.
      Auto industry: since this year, car production and marketing to keep low growth and growth of a decline from month to month. 1 ~ 10 months car up 4.20%, a drop of 0.25% than last month. Points models to see, basic passenger car, bus and parts of the car production growth than last month dropped 0.54 respectively, 2.34 and 1.03%. All kinds of models in multi-function car and sport utility vehicles than growth by improving last month.
      Machine tool industry: 1 ~ 10 months of metal cutting machine shop press keep steadily, and a year-on-year growth of 19.07%. As the market demand of nc machine tools increased steadily, make numerical control machine tool and the numerical control metal cutting metal forming machine growth is more outstanding, year-on-year growth of 28.88% and 20.98% respectively. In addition, the machine tool CNC device year-on-year growth of 19.12%, but growth dropped sharply to 90.49% from the same period a year earlier.
      Heavy mining industry: heavy mine industry and the crane metal rolling equipment maintain steady growth, 1 ~ 10 months were above 18% year-on-year growth. Always is in negative growth of metal smelting equipment, from September to growth, into the October than go up 5.63% growth last month.
Mechanical foundation a industry: gear, hydraulic components and rolling bearing production kept fast growth, 1 ~ 10 months year-on-year growth of 43.14%, respectively, of 70.24% and 25.46%.
Instruments industry: 1 ~ 10 months instruments in the industry analysis instruments yield year-on-year growth of 29.56%, but nearly two months in the trend of production dropped from month to month, than August and September dropped 10.95 and 6.37% respectively. Tester is growing rapidly, 1 ~ 10 months year-on-year growth of 40.66%.







Author:Jiaxing jpmorgan chase machinery Co., LTD Website: Main Product:hydraulic jacks, air jack ,hydraulic bottle jack ,shop press

Author:Jiaxing jpmorgan chase machinery Co., LTD
Main Product:hydraulic jacks, air jack ,hydraulic bottle jack ,shop press


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