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Construction machinery industry "and" enlarge capacity
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        "In engineering machinery industry, we are new entry, is' brother '. But as a national enterprise, local enterprises, we in the corresponding market should have enough share, to have their own discourse. The China construction machinery manufacturing,is our responsibility." June 23,, rongsheng machinery Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "rongsheng machinery) chairman YuZheng in" 2011 China construction machinery industry strategy development BBS "on telling us. And he's the speech, also be regarded as a says to shipbuilding of jiangsu rongsheng heavy industry group holdings Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "floor jack   rongsheng heavy industry) to tap into construction machinery industry blew a trumpet. A few days later on June 28, rongsheng heavy industry announced, located in hefei economic and technological development zone of new engineering machinery factory is formally put into production, the day the first excavator also offline smoothly. In today's construction machinery industry, like rongsheng "land" this event is not the case.
        In a few days, Mr Fukuda car in years economic working conference will heavy machinery business for the company's future as one of the five key industry. Previous YuTong, chery into construction machinery industry is already well known, hydraulic jack  rumours giovanni cobolli gigli also have this idea. Even in liquor of famous wu liang ye group, also plans to build a production capacity of 10000 sets of mini excavators, project. China construction machinery market what exactly is the charm, can attract so many capital inflows? "The city" scenery how much? Liaoning fondle digging heavy industry holding Co., LTD DiXiangDong CEO in accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, said the enterprise are keen on intervention in engineering machinery industry, because see China construction machinery industry with high growth of return on investment.
        The "eleventh five-year plan" period, China construction machinery industry unconventional along the way, some mainstream engineering machinery enterprise in the few years have made great growth, from 2005 to 2010, 34 times market value at trinity heavy industry growth, the compound annual growth rate as high as 80%. "there in the listed company of cash to shareholders, must also be a replacement." DiXiangDong said, "shop crane  capital must have a public have good to investment, not like industry of small and medium-sized enterprises just speculative business." It is in this case, the listed companies in his eye aimed at the construction machinery industry, rongsheng heavy industry, comes from the. But, engineering machinery industry money, is really good to earn?
        'long appropriate looking the quantity "rational return", it is Chinese mechanical engineering society SuZiMeng secretary-general in "2011 China construction machinery industry strategy development BBS" mentioned on a words. He thought, "1025" in China during construction machinery industry with an average annual growth rate will be 17%, this year China construction machinery industry growth will fall from 38% last year to 17%. The reasons why, in addition to the macro economy development is related to the whole construction machinery industry in China and the structure of the relevant. Although many people think that Sue industry secretary general put forward "2015 China construction machinery industry income reached 900 billion yuan," prediction of some conservative, but in the past few months engineering machinery market sales decline of fact, let a person have to believe that construction machinery industry by leaps and bounds scenery is away.
DiXiangDong told reporters: "these listed companies see only the Chinese construction machinery industry, the local stage high growth,jack stands   the lack of long-term know. Engineering machinery is a periodic strong industry development, the future will never like the past 5 years development so quickly." He said, the enterprise to enter a new field, must consider all kinds of potential risks, and China  construction machinery industry now growing way, basically or extensive capacity expansion mode is sure to lead the industry profit rate is lower, not changing the means of growth is no good. Have into will have a market growth slowed, and productivity is still on the amplifier, production and marketing contradictions will gradually revealed. In the supply of the circumstances, China construction machinery market was like a "made of the camp," engineering machinery enterprise is "the flowing water of soldiers" and "into" natural there will be "out of". In engineering machinery industry "and" back, is increasingly aggravation of the shuffle. SuZiMeng said: "with domestic demand huge excavator industry as an example, from each big enterprise expansion plan to get, this year's excavator production capacity will as high as 300000 units this year, and the market demand is probably an excavator about 250000 units, this will inevitably bring excess capacity problems."
        Construction machinery group chairman of henan winged steed DaiCanYong agent is not anxiously said: "excavator production amplifier, the future market competition will be more intense. If industry growth only 5% or below, you will PinCiDao foreign brands', 'will also incorporated into one, the situation is even more serious." jack stand As rongsheng machinery maker, YuZheng also see the situation. He said, though now into the construction machinery industry will face excess capacity, excessive competition and key technology such as enslaved business risks, but was enough to impress rongsheng mechanical bigger national brand determination. In his words, "not only will accelerate run, and run faster than others". Perhaps, rongsheng machinery have the strength to play a few games in Detroit, from and everbright bank cooperation and acquisition QuanChai group in events such as how many can also product out some clue. The market economy, the law of the jungle. It is in "and", shuffling of the process, China construction machinery industry absorbing the fresh blood, step by step forward.







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