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Broken machinery industry development in big opportunity
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      Broken in machinery industry development opportunities in recent years, with engineering construction continued to strengthen,floor jack   in the machinery industry overall rising situation, the broken machinery industry presents good momentum of development. The future as "1025" planning for high-end equipment, new industry equipment, and other support, crusher machinery as key areas will continue to appear the fast growth the situation, thus promote machinery industry, on the whole, kept fast growth. According to the analysis, hydraulic jack  the broken mechanical future growth for the main direction, product upgrades to bring market share, and new product research and development of new growth point form innovation. ,
      At present, China's broken machinery industry will have great opportunities of development, system such as sand blasting equipment, mainly in three aspects: first, the broken machinery market in China has become the focus of international equipment manufacturers, because the upgrading of the stave machinery is faster, shop crane  especially small crusher for 35 years of life expectancy only each year, the crusher for domestic change about 20% of the total demand crusher, for the rapid development of the stave machinery provides strong power; Second, infrastructure construction has become one of the task, in the infrastructure construction process will produce large amounts of the construction waste. At present, our country construction rubbish has accounted for 35% of the total urban waste, according to the 550 tons/square meter standard, jack stands  according to 2020 years in China will also add construction area of about 30 billion square meters, the broken mechanical construction waste recycling process in will play an important role; Three, the great development of the west new 10 years planning and the post-disaster reconstruction will be a great demand of the stave machinery, as countries continue to expand domestic demand, infrastructure construction step, the strengthening will drive the broken machinery industry vigorously.

      In view of the current broken the energy industry, big pollution crusher, in a low carbon economy, crusher can accord with the how to improve the will of the needs of the development of the economy and a list of problems, Shanghai XiaZhou heavy industry in view of market problems on careful analysis, development and production in crusher on arose to technical innovation, and the crusher of energy conservation and environmental protection as its main research object, the enterprise research and development of a variety of crushing equipment have been put into market, energy saving jaw, impactor, cone crusher equipment get highly in the industry,jack stand  to drive the industry development plays a great role.

      "1025" period, infrastructure construction project, high-speed transportation projects have commenced, directly will pull the stave machinery market demand, China's broken machinery industry will have development opportunity, it may be said is crusher a bright prospect!!!!!







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