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Mechanical industry valued emerging son industry
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      By December 31, 2011, mechanical equipment of annual accumulative total index fell 38.48%, the decline since 2000, was the second of the fall, floor jack after 2008 years. In 2011 the machinery industry trend is the main factor of industry risk and market risk, the risk of company focus on release.

      Looking to the future, from the short cycle to see, we expect machinery industry in the first half of 2012 will remain in the cycle back stage, hydraulic jack  this will influence the construction machinery and other cycle class company valuations ascension and earnings growth and stock share price performance of the pressing related, the second half of the agent with the economy picks up, cycle stocks will regain buying opportunity. shop crane  In the medium term, the experience of the past ten years after high growth, domestic automobile, real estate, steel, electric power, coal and other industry scale have different degrees of expansion, mechanical industry important products such as power generation equipment, steel equipment, large power transmission and transformation equipment, engineering machinery, mining machinery and other heavy expansion of the more obvious, and in the first place, jack stands  this marks China's industrialization and urbanization has entered the stage of late.

      We think that these major industrial industries, and the service for the mechanical products continues to expand the scale of the future of the space will be different degree of restriction, industry economy will enter growth factors driving new old alternate transition. In this phase, the mechanical industry growth decline will be big probability event, jack stand some demand of the ceiling in meeting the son in the future new cycle industry existing in the risk of left behind. But the flipside is, some still at the stage of growth in emerging industry in the future the son is expected to cycle in greater growth.






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