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Good obvious policy agricultural machinery industry development orientation machine
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        Agricultural development is an important part of our economic strategy, from just on the introduction of the central a document to see, the government put forward will increase agricultural investment in science and technology and improve agricultural facilities equipment conditions, and at the same time, 2012 annual agricultural subsidies and farm machinery market scale purchases will be greatly increased. From this policy relating to the agricultural industry good to see, we think that the agricultural machinery industry will face a long-term trend, with the current agricultural potential market results, is expected to agricultural machinery market will lift concentration rate, from main body size of a further expanded.

        Bank consultant consulting CuiYu IPO this been supportive analysts, he thinks that policy and the market is good promote each other, in general, a professional development needs has certain market expansion space as a prerequisite,hydraulic jacks  thus to industry policy interest good can urge industry into the rapid development phase. According to the current situation, the development of agricultural machinery industry are two big strong point, enough to make them available in the policy under the action of the good has more development space.

        On one hand, agricultural machinery industry is good is a slow release of market, the market expansion trend exist for a long time. 2010 farm machinery industry complete industrial output value 283.81 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.4%; Completed the industry sales value of 276.82 billion yuan, up by 25.5% over the previous year; Export value of year-on-year growth of 23.1%. In 2011 the national farm subsidies to air jack  purchase the total scale 17.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2 billion yuan, the scope of implementation continue to cover the country all farming county (field). This means that in the new round of good policy, the market will be more obvious good effect.

        On the other hand, agricultural machinery industry policy of good have continuity, its policy interest good will not disappear in the short term. The general office of the state council in July 2010 issued by the state council on promoting agricultural mechanization and industrial and agricultural machinery and rapid development of opinion ", proposed our country agricultural mechanization, farm machinery industry development goals and main task, and made it clear that spending on farm machinery industrial and agricultural mechanization of finance and tax, and financial policies the support strength. In April 2011, hydraulic bottle jack  the national ministry of industry and information issued the "farm machinery industry development plan (2011-2015)", farm machinery industry to the 2015 years to achieve output value 400 billion yuan RMB, the export trade will reach to 12 billion us dollars, accounting for 20% of the whole industry sales.

        Convention for the ZhangYanLin consultancy study director reasoning was summarized, the positive news from his policy up, think that in the current market good evident, policy interest good will play the role of optimization, the market is expected to good for enterprise level will cause long-term driving force. He went on to say, according to the northeast, north China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry in the local market share to see, once the policy to subsidies market expansion, so our country agricultural machinery enterprises will fast development, the expected in 2012-2015, our country will have three or so of agricultural machinery enterprise login capital market.

        Bank consultant "issued by the 2011-2015 year China agricultural machinery industry investment analysis and outlook report" is from the market point of further research, the disclosure of 2006-2010 years, the central financial accumulative total arrange purchase subsidy fund 35.1 billion yuan agricultural machinery, driving the place and farmers spent about 110.5 billion yuan, subsidies purchase farm 10.78 million (set), shop press farm machinery equipment constantly optimize the structure. In 2010, our country farming accept comprehensive mechanization level more than 50%, showing that China's agricultural production mechanization in the way more than the traditional production method of modes of production historic turning point, the transformation of the agricultural production in China into the mode of production as the leading to mechanization of the new era.









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