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Construction machinery industry this year "cautious optimism"
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      January excavator industry sales 53% year-on-year drop in advance from the orders to see, is expected to March 2, demand fragile and dealers in the second quarter after most expected have improved, mainly to the credit and the various policy relax expected up well.
      Project money does not reach the designated position lead to KaiGongLiang significantly lower, and the eastern KaiGongLiang project is the worst, the Midwest project start situation in the eastern slightly better. The central province of hubei province because water conservancy project planning is more, and project funds in place well, floor jack so engineering machinery needs annulus comparing have improved, but still a year-on-year drop; Sichuan project start than last year, but planning project is more.

      Credit nervous, equipment sales r pressure increase, YuQiLv generally to rise. As the government last year, five month 4 tightening credit and macro-control, downstream of the funds often lag behind two months, to July and August terminal sales strained collection, equipment sales YuQiLv rising gradually, has been YuQiLv until the end of the year is still more high, at present YuQiLv in 20-25% of the level, the agent for the customer exist mat endowment phenomenon. In January 2012, industry sales plunged 60% year-on-year, part and the Spring Festival and the weather factors, more because many bond defaults period last year long, many users to didn't expect this year, most in the wait-and-see stage.

      Excavator sales continue to slow, and replace the trend of foreign domestic brand continued. After New Year's day from part is held to a show sign of single judgment, 30% year-on-year drop-50%, some dealers active cut this year's sales index by 10% or so,hydraulic jack   And homebred brand dealers and manufacturers set goals this year still maintain a higher growth rate.

      Equipment is stretched, increased risk evaluation. At present, the equipment can be recovered in 3, 4 years, and 2000 years before and after only six months to a year. And manufacturers credit sales to time limit 3 and 4 year time, back to this issue of the customer device in 3, 4 years, the customer equipment management in the break-even point, a credit to spin a greater risk evaluation.

      Maintain industry "synchronous city-A" rating. Overall judgment, at present the funds, and the project start shortage is the key factors affect industry sales, in the existing policy control advocate fundamental key, is expected to February, shop crane march excavator sales is still not optimistic. Credit relax expected support plate experience rebound sharply, to carry out policy expected future static and project funds in place pulled the industry needs better, we to 2012 years of engineering machinery industry "cautious optimism".






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