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Mechanical upgrade to accelerate development
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      In 2012, at the beginning of the year, China construction machinery industry appeared domestic brands are export to prosperity. In fact, engineering machinery industry in China in recent years with the development trend of global construction machinery industry in China. China construction machinery trade nets editor understands the, China construction machinery sales and sales beyond both of the United States, Japan, Germany, the first in the world; China construction machinery from "15" provided during the period of about 70%, rising to 80% or more of the current, and gradually realize from manufacturing to create leap. Including loaders, excavators, cranes, roller, forklift, bulldozer, concrete machinery and so on a large number of engineering machinery products production leapt to the world's first, our country became the real world engineering machinery manufacturing power.

      Many governments into the equipment manufacturing industry of rapid rail details analysis

      In 2011, accounting for 80% share of the equipment manufacturing industry machinery industry maintained rapid growth. The China machinery industry federation data shows, this year 1 to October, China mechanical industrial output value 13.6466 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.93%. 1 to 9 months, machinery industry's main business income is 11.8423 trillion yuan RMB, a 26.16% growth year; Total profit of 806 billion yuan, hydraulic jacks a year-on-year increase of 18.25%. In the 119 statistics on express main products, 105 kinds of products the year-on-year increase yield. In maintained a fast growth at the same time, the equipment manufacturing industry structure adjustment orderly manner and a significant increase speed, is one of the outstanding performance on the independent innovation, the equipment manufacturing industry of technology products to high-end upgrading of its significant speed up.

      2011 renewable energy market was booming

      Global energy markets are began to change. Whether those traditional energy industry is willing to, they have to accept the fact that the new energy industry is booming, and changed the whole energy market environment.

      Renewable energy industry in 2011 of a vigorous development, is the embodiment of the best investment. Due to show a good prospect, a large number of investors set his sights on this is the inheritance of the fast development. According to pricewaterhousecoopers of) recently released a report showed that in 2011, wind, solar, air jack  biofuels, energy efficiency, geothermal, biomass energy, utilities and other field has completed the volume of deals totaled about $53.5 billion, although the total number of m&a deals from 606 pen down to 570 pen, but relative to the $2010 in total volume growth of 40%.

      Machinery industrial overcapacity mining machinery manufacturing as change

      February 13,, machinery industry in 2011 press conference of economic operation, the delegates by users think industrial investment slowdown, the influence of the export market turmoil has, since 2011, the mechanical product market demand weak, present can produce excess situation. The China machinery industry federation, vice President of CaiWeiCi said machinery industry excess capacity condition will be there for a long time, hydraulic bottle jack  and this year mechanical industrial main economic index growth will not as good as in 2011. The Chinese academy of social sciences industrial economic research institute, associate researcher WangYanMei analysis says, China machinery industry excess capacity main performance for structural surplus, and demand structure adjustment upgrade faster than the supply structure change.








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