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21 century engineering machinery modernizing industrialization
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      Since the second since world war ii, the history of human experience several generations in the relations of production change, and change the relations of production is around the progress of social productivity and adjusting gradually, the wheel of history is forward, that is the social productive forces is always in the progress, in the human society progress,hydraulic jacks  all block up the development of productivity factors can adjust or natural disappear naturally. Engineering machinery as a field of social development, involving the aspects of can cover the entire architecture, it is also carrying on productivity in an individual, is also with productivity progress, gradually new change, even in the high-end field information.
      We all know, recent history, the accelerated development of productive forces a broke out three of the revolution of science and technology, industrial revolution (steam engine), science and technology revolution (motor, internal combustion engines,) and new science and technology revolution (computer), three times in the revolution of science and technology from the steam age to power across time, across to the network information age, the industrial revolution and the scientific revolution has successively in the nineteenth century and the first of the nineteenth century end, new technology revolution to now is in. air jack  The power of the development of productivity that new science and technology to produce, and the generation of new science and technology and promote the development of productive forces, linked together, to modern technology boom and era of rapid development. It creates new productivity is irreplaceable.

      With the development of society, the development of productivity, the expansion of the scale of the project has far more than human imagination, a large-scale project, with the traditional mechanical engineering construction not only will waste construction time, and the feasibility of the construction is very big resistance, even is not feasible,hydraulic bottle jack   in addition the operating personnel demand too much, personnel arrangement and construction procedure is very easy to chaos, therefore, simple in mechanics, maneuvering the mechanical equipment has been greatly mainly in the market value of the lost it, can only into information technology, use a computer to control improved mechanical equipment, and precise location of certain areas, so that in the human aspects, construction time, construction feasibility, even is the construction safety civilization, is a leap. Engineering machinery equipment by the mechanization to information, not only is the demand of social productive forces, but also the needs of the market diversification of, like, in the network era, the information and the goods to expand demand, shop press appear the Po and electronic business, the scale of the project need more advanced engineering machinery and equipment, and the advanced engineering machinery equipment and can promote the expansion of the project, so circulation, accelerate the mechanical equipment of push forward. We should always firmly believes that science and technology is the first productive forces, the only constant development of science and technology, promoting social development is the strong power.










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