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Chinese construction machinery sales rising market is expected to get the recovery
Date: 2017-10-26   Views: 3303

Although this year's season start delayed, but since mid-March, some local construction machinery sales began to appear more significant rise, display terminal needs to pick up signs.

According to the data display and institutions grassroots research, into the mid-March excavator for construction machinery has been significant growth in sales compared to the previous. Especially in east China's Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and other places, some dealer has sold close to or more than the full-month sales in March last year, while the southwestern and southern China, but also to pick up signs.

Spring Festival late this year as well as general factors or important reason needs to start late this spring. Lag demand seems to be signs of a moderate recovery, steel and cement price data for the previous week also mutually confirmed. Orient Securities analyst Wang winter season market this year later than in previous years, about half a month or so, but persistent industry rebound will be postponed to the second quarter.

With the advance of the two sessions after the project started,hydraulic jack it is expected that the probability of a larger-than-expected second quarter sales of construction machinery. Overseas export business in addition to the recovery of the domestic market, stable high growth sales growth for the industry to provide a certain foundation. After years of market cultivation, as well as overseas customers gradual increase product recognition in China, the Chinese construction machinery exports to maintain a rapid growth momentum. February has seen the Spring Festival of factors, but the year-on-year remained nearly 20% in a single month growth.

Needs another good season this year, especially construction machinery excavator upgrading the peak of the threshold. Based on experience,jack stand the normal useful life of the excavator is 6-8 years, corresponding domestic demand in 2006 sales in 2013, and that replacement demand is likely to reach 700 million units, accounting for about 56% of the full year 2012 domestic demand sales, significantly higher than last year 24% upgrading proportion.

Taking into account the strong real estate market and other endogenous demand, expected real economy, the probability of a modest recovery in the second quarter. The second quarter, the first quarter since the first quarter of the haze, the Spring Festival postponed unfavorable factors, leading to demand for start-up delay. Is low due to the current market supply of new homes, real estate new construction is still more positive, and investment in infrastructure will also maintain a certain growth rate.