our brands

Our brand was established since 2001, its name originates from a famous downtown street called UYU in South America.Today we have own a famous reputation in Central and South America and has become one of the highest market share of brands.

We can provide users with more than 19 categories and 2000 kinds of products including pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, fastening tools, clamps, saws, electronic tools, mechanics’ tools, measuring tools, etc. We are committed to provide one-stop purchasing service for mechanics, construction professionals,  and home improvement enthusiasts.

We have a solid R & D capability and we launch large numbers of new products to market to meet diverse market needs each year. We own a complete tool testing center; each product must be rigorously tested to ensure the UYUSTOOLS products to comply with international product standards and our customers’ specifications.All we do is just to allow users to enjoy the exciting experience of our high quality products.


Good design is an important means for us to participate in the market competition.It allows consumers to experience its utility, comfort and convenience and reflects the care we provide to our consumers.


Providing qualified products is the main role of our company. We have more than 10 testing machines, such as: Torque Tester, Hardness Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Pliers cutting lifetime Tester and Tape Ruler lifetime Tester and so on. We bring a more visualized and comprehensive test from the perspective of product experience.
Electric iron tester for testing product life and stability.
Tape life tester for testing life of tape coiling and hook.
Hacksaw blade tester for testing blade sharpness and durability.
Pliers tester for testing cutting force and durability.
Wheel tester for testing grinding/wearing ratios,the sharpness and durability.
Electric iron tester for testing product life and stability.


We have a young, energetic and professional sales team to support our customers, optimizing product lines according to their demand, helping them open and expand market share.